Witnessing Activity Updates

Cali, Colombia

September 2018

Although my latest trip to Cali, Colombia only lasted 4 days, it proved to be extremely fruitful. We invited all of those who previously attended my public discourse in July entitled, “God’s Great Plan of Salvation.” To my joyful surprise, there were 68 in attendance at our first Bible study meeting today. We studied several pages of the “23 Lessons” brochure produced by the Dawn. We will have weekly online meetings in Spanish every Sunday. I will return every 8 weeks to encourage and teach the new group for several days in person, along with at least one other of our Brethren from the U.S.

In total, there are still over 100 souls who've shown a willing spirit to attend our classes. Over 100 brochures and 50 Bibles were distributed. In Colombia, we intend to keep the Gospel message simple and unadulterated, stressing foundational truths and character development. I appreciate your prayers and encouragement regarding this Latin American ministry. May we all continue to pick up our crosses as we press on toward our crowns, as a United Body in Christ, to the Glory of our Heavenly Father!

Medellin & Cali, Colombia

July 2018

I arrived in Medellin, Colombia and met with Bro Lopez, an elder of approximately 20 years along with approximately 18 other baptized members of the 2 classes that he serves there. They were very hospitable and welcoming. I gave a 40 minute discourse entitled “What It Means To Be A True Christian.” The discourse highlighted our Christian obligation to live a life overruled by Love, Faith, Mercy, Forgiveness, High Moral Standards, Obedience to Our FATHER and Our Savior, as well as fulfilling our commission to preach the Gospel. It was very well received. They had fond memories of previous trips from Bro Mike Schilling and Bro Joe Panucci. My trip lasted 5 days. They send their Love and Prayers to all the Brethren in the U.S.

The 2nd part of my trip was a 10 day visit to Cali, Colombia. I distributed 1000 invitations in anticipation of my public discourse entitled, ‘GOD’S Great Plan of Salvation’, which was given on July 1st at a hotel meeting room. There were 108 in attendance. After the discourse, lunch was served and all of those in attendance who were interested in learning more were invited back for a Q and A discussion. To my joyful surprise, over 90% returned. In the subsequent days, I met with over 30 additional families who expressed interest in learning more, attending weekly online meetings in Spanish and possibly joining the new Ecclesia we’re forming there in Cali, Colombia. In total, over 200 brochures and 60 books were distributed.


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